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Levi's® Made & Crafted x Sight Unseen
Led efforts to align and drive cultural relevance for the Levi’s Made & Crafted brand through brand parternships with artist and art institutions. 

L.A.’s Leah Ring launched the debut collection of her new studio, Another Human, with the support of Levi’s Made and Crafted — including mirrors crafted with semi­precious stones, an upholstered bench inspired by stacked stones, and an acrylic table filled with black sand and obsidian.

Both anecdotally and according to Instagram, Savannah-based designer Eny Lee Parker‘s watermelon-washed booth — presented by Levi’s Made and Crafted — was a fair favorite, with its velvet, terracotta, and glass furnishings referred to alternately as “heaven’s waiting room” “a Matthew Barney film set,” and “a really cool doctor’s office.”

Cold Picnic — presented by Levi’s Made & Crafted

Our fourth annual Sight Unseen OFFSITE officially opens for business today at noon! Please come by the ground floor of 100 Avenue of the Americas in Soho to check out new furniture, lighting, ceramics, and objects by 24 of our favorite independent designers and brands — from Iacoli & McAllister to Atelier de Troupe, Home Studios to Elyse Graham — plus a virtual-reality interiors experience by Tom Hancocks for the online art purveyor Twyla, an interactive installation by The Principals and Calico Wallpaper, two up-and-coming talents presented by Levi’s Made and Crafted, a lounge by West Elm, and a group exhibition curated by Sight Unseen that features the work of 25 amazing international designers. Hope to see you there! Check out full hours and information HERE.